Among his primary research interests are the organizational and operational dynamics of policing, police effectiveness and efficiency, the police and communities of diversity, police performance measures, the effectiveness of police strategies and interventions, and the delivery of policing services in high demand urban and remote environments. His work has been carried out at the national and international levels.

In Canada, this has involved working with communities, municipal councils, municipal police services and the RCMP on a variety of projects focused on the police and communities of diversity, including Indigenous communities and vulnerable and at-risk persons, police performance, building organizational and operational capacities, and the effectiveness and efficiency of police policies and strategies. Internationally, this has included police-related projects in Latvia, Denmark, Netherlands, the Commonwealth Caribbean, Japan, the United States, and Egypt.

Recently-completed projects include a review of the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit (CSFEU)(with M. Porteous and Y. Dandurand)(2023); a resource review of the RCMP detachment in Prince George, (BC);,2022); a resource review of the RCMP, Fire Service, Community Safety Officers, and By-Laws in Penticton (BC) (with E. Sopow)(2022); a study of mental health and well-being among sworn officers and civilians in the Victoria (BC) Police Department (2021); an evaluation of the Metro Vancouver Transit Police Service Service Delivery Model (2020); a resource review of Kelowna RCMP and Police Services (2019); a review of street check policy and practice in Edmonton (2018) and Vancouver (2019); an operational review of the Vancouver Police Department (2017); a study of patrol deployment in the Delta (BC) Police Department (2016) and in the Saanich (BC) Police Department (2016); and, an operational review of the Winnipeg Police Service (2013). Recent reports produced for Public Safety Canada include Contemporary Policing Responsibilities (2017); The Use of Private Security Services for Policing (2016); and, Improving Police Efficiency – Challenges and Opportunities (2015).”

Dr. Griffiths primary areas of police consulting and research are:

  • Organizational Reviews
  • The Police and Community engagement
  • Mental health and well-being of sworn officers and civilian employees
  • Policing in Rural and Remote Communities

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