Community-Based Strategic Policing in Canada

Brian Whitelaw (Calgary Police Services)
Rick Parent (Delta, BC Police)
Curt Griffiths (Simon Fraser University)
Published by Nelson Education Ltd.
Second Edition © 2004

The world has changed since the first edition of this text. New terrorism fears and a broadening of mandate for police to protect society from both internal and external threats are stretching the limits of police forces across the country. The second edition of this book introduces you to e idea that community-based policing has evolved and will continue to adapt to increasing demands, calling for a model of policing that is much more strategic in nature–whether in e allocation of resources or in finding approaches designed to engage and mobilize the community.

Specific changes to this edition of this book include more exercises and end-of-unit questions, and expanded examples covering all parts of Canada. This text combinesthe most up-to-date materials on the subject with case studies and exercises, continually making the connection between the literature available and the practical applications of key ideas and concepts.