Research & Consulting

Dr. Griffiths has provided expert consultation to a wide variety of criminal justice agencies and organizations in Canada and abroad. He is currently providing consulting services to City of Richmond RCMP Transition Project, British Columbia Office of the Auditor General, BC Transit Police, Canadian Police Association.

Nationally provided to:

Justice Canada
Government of Yukon
Government of British Columbia
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Vancouver Police Department
Delta Police Department
City of Vancouver Legal Department
Law Firms in Vancouver and Edmonton
Toronto Police Department

Toronto Police Association
Ottawa Police Service
City of Richmond
Canadian Police Association
TransLink Security Management Ltd.
Public Safety Canada

Canadian Police College
City of Red Deer

WinniPeg Public Service
Victoria (BC) Police Department
Surrey (BC) Police Service
Surrey (BC) Police Board
Vancouver Police Board

Internationally provided to:

Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)

Commonwealth of Dominica Police Department
International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy
Ministry of Justice, Republic of Latvia

Ministry of Justice, Vietnam
National Police of Japan
Lind-Zuid Regional Police, The Netherlands
Government of Greenland
United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime
Netherlands School of Public Administration (NSOB)