Canadian Criminal Justice: a Primer

Curt T. Griffiths
(Simon Fraser University)
Published by Nelson Education Ltd.
Sixth Edition © 2015

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This edition of Canadian Criminal Justice: A Primer, the fifth, is designed with the same basic objectives as the previous editions: to present in a clear and concise fashion materials on the criminal justice system in Canada and to highlight the key issues surrounding this country’s responses to crime and offenders.

This edition of the text is divided into five Parts: Part I ” Canadian Criminal Justice: Setting the Context”; Part II: “The Police”; Part III: “The Courts”; Part IV:”Corrections”; Part V: “Reconsidering Criminal Justice”.  Each part contains a number of chapters.  There are a number of new chapters in this edition: Chapter 1: The Foundations of Criminal Justice, Chapter 2: The Structure and Process of Criminal Justice, Chapter 13: Restorative Justice: An Alternative Approach to Justice, Chapter 14: Going Forward: Challenges and Opportunities in Criminal Justice.