Winnipeg Police Service Operational Review

cover-policing-winnipegThis document represents the results of an Operational Review of the Winnipeg Police Service.  The purpose of this review was to examine and evaluate the core activities of the WPS and to develop recommendations that will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery. More specifically, the review involved an in-depth examination of the use of overtime in the WPS, the potential for civilianization of positions in the service, staffing, deployment, the response to calls for service, and the activities of investigative units.

The review was informed by best practices in police management and operations, and multiple data sources were used in the review, including field observations of patrol, interviews with patrol members and senior police personnel, quantitative data on overtime and from Computer-Aided Dispatch, and a survey of selected investigative units. These analyses were conducted within a framework that considered the environment in which the WPS delivers services and responds to community demands and expectations.

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