Canadian Police Work

Curt T. Griffiths
(Simon Fraser University)
Published by Nelson Education Ltd.
Third Edition © 2013

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Cover shows a portrait two police officers, male and femailThis, the third edition of Canadian Police Work, updates and extends the materials contained in the second edition. An attempt has been made to make the text more comprehensive while at the same time expanding coverage of various policing issues. This edition of the text contains three new chapters: “Police Governance and Accountability”, “Police Ethics and Professionalism” and “Police Work in a Diverse Society”.


Chapter 1: The Origins and Evolution of Police Work
The Origins of Policing
The Evolution of Police Work in Canada
Police Work in the Late Twentieth/Early Twenty-First Century

Chapter 2: The Structure of Police Work
Defining Police Work
The Structure of Contemporary Canadian Policing
Federal Police: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Provincial Police
Regional Police Services
Municipal Police
First Nations Police
Special Constables
University and Campus Police Services
Tiered Public Policing in Alberta
Private Security Services
The Contexts of Police Work

Chapter 3: Police Governance and Accountability
Governance of the Police
Holding Police Services and Officers Accountable
The Complaint Process
An Overview of Models of Public Complaints
Against the Police and Investigations of Police
Officer Misconduct
Mechanisms for Ensuring Community Input into Policing
Increasing Police Accountability in Manitoba
The Legacy of a Tragedy
The Adequacy of Police Complaint/Investigation Processes

Chapter 4: The Police Occupation
Becoming a Police Officer
Promoting Diversity
The Selection Process
Recruit Training
In-Service Training
From the Academy to the Street: Socialization into the Role of Police Officer
Being a Police Officer
The Challenges of Police Work

Chapter 5: Patrol and General Duty Policing
Patrol Work
Strategies for Managing Calls for Service
The Deployment of Patrol Units
Patrol Officer Skill Sets
Street Work: Patrol Officer Discretion and Decision Making

Chapter 6: Police Powers and the Use of Force
The Charter and Police Powers
The Use of Force
Issues in the Police Use of Force
Deadly Encounters: The Police Use of Lethal Force

Chapter 7: Police Ethics and Professionalism
When Cops Go Bad: Wrongdoing in Police Work

Chapter 8: Models of Police Work
The Professional Model of Police Work
Community Policing in the Twenty-First Century
Organizational Elements of Community Policing
The External Elements of Community Policing
The Community and Community Policing
Implementing Community Policing: Rhetoric versus Reality
The Effectiveness of Community Policing

Chapter 9: Crime Prevention and Crime Response Strategies
Crime Prevention
Obstacles to Effective Crime Prevention Programs
Crime Response
Strategies to Improve the Effectiveness of Crime Prevention and Crime Response

Chapter 10: Case Investigation
Patrol Officers: The First Responders
Specialty Units
Fundamentals of Major Case Investigation
Analytical Tools
The Analysis of Specific Types of Evidence
Investigative Strategies and Techniques

Chapter 11: Police Work in a Diverse Society
Diversity in Canada
Discriminatory Policing
The Police and Aboriginal People